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Frailty is a geriatric syndrome that often occurs and is characterized by a decrease in physiological function of multi-organ that is in line with age. Early frailty screening is useful to reduce the severity and adverse effects of irreversible frailty. The study used a cross sectional study of 117 people in Pedawa Village and 80 people in Mangupura City in September 2016. Frailty was enforced through a frailty screening questionnaire based on Cardiovascular Health Study. The sample was chosen by consecutive random sampling. Frailty occurrence is most commonly found in the age of 67.83 ± 7.7 years. There were significant differences in frailty occurrences between Pedawa Village, Buleleng and Mangupura City, Badung (p = 0.01). There were significant differences in incidence of muscle weakness, slowness, and physical exhaution in Pedawa Village and Mangupura City (p = <0.01). There are differences in economic factors in both populations that affect the occurrence of frailty (p = 0.02)

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Wistara, A. N. A. (2019). Studi komparasi kejadian frailty pada populasi lansia di Desa Pedawa Singaraja dan Kota Mangupura Badung Provinsi Bali. Medicina, 50(1).




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