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Congenital pulmonaryairwaymalformationtype 4 on a 2 month old boy



Congenital pulmonary airway malformation (CPAM)is one of four major congenital cystic lesion found inlungs. The incidence is relatively rare, characterized by dense multicystic areas of abnormal lung tissue. There are five types of CPAM described by Stocker (2002), classified according to the location of the development site of malformation. Type 4 isa rare type, thelesion contains large cysts, lined with flat alveolar cells, some of  which contains surfactant. The case, a 2 monthold boy washospitalized with chief complaint shortness of breath. Physical examination showedtachipnea and from the auscultation of the lung was hyper-resonance on the right side. Chest X-ray revealed suspected congenital emphysema on the right lung and multi slice CT scan revealed suspected CPAM type 1. Thoracotomy and bullectomy surgery was successfully performed and chest X-ray evaluation post-surgery showed no residual cystic lesion. Result from pathologic study showed it is CPAM type 4.



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Lebao, A. A., Subanada, I. B., Suarta, I. K., & Semadi, N. (2018). Congenital pulmonaryairwaymalformationtype 4 on a 2 month old boy. Medicina, 49(1).