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Diabetic foot is one of the common complications of diabetes. Chronic ulcer on diabetic foot usually treated with simple dressing, debridement, and last option is amputation. Tardivo score is an algorithm that could predict amputation on diabetic foot patient. Calculation of the score is based on three main factors: Wagner classification, signs of peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which is evaluated by using Peripheral Arterial Disease Classification, and the location of ulcers. This diagnostic study observed patients with diabetic foot within 3 month. The Tardivo score was calculated then the outcome was observed at the end of observation. Data analysis using 2x2 table, the best sensitivity and specificity was evaluated using ROC curve. Twenty six patients meet the criteria of inclusion with an average age of 54 years (42-69), 17 (65.38%) were male. Most of the diabetic foot patient were wagner 4 (65.38%), Wagner 3 (30.77%), Wagner 2 (3.85%). Fourteen patients (53.9%) had amputation at the end of observation, and most were Wagner 4 (n = 13.76%). Clinical symptoms of PAD found on 10 (38.46%) patients and all patients with symptoms of PAD suffered amputation. The ROC curve analysis shows the cut off point 16 have the best sensitivity and specificity was 85.71% and 91.67% (CI=95%).Diabetic foot patients with a Tardivo score ≥16 preferably performed an amputation, while the score <16still has an opportunity to recover without the need for amputation.



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Pertama, O. (2018). Validitas skor tardivo untuk memprediksi terjadinya amputasi pada kaki diabetes di RSUP Sanglah. Medicina, 49(1).




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