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Hyperthyroidism always presents challenging consideration for anesthesiologists. In non emergency cases it is essential that patients are clinically and chemically euthyroid prior to surgery. Thyroid storm is the most fatal complication in hyperthyroidism. Surgery, trauma, and infection put patients at higher risk for developing thyroid storm. We present a case of 24 years old man with open fracture of his left femur planned for emergency open reduction and internal fixation with plate and screw. In pre operative evaluation he was found with hyperthyroidism both clinically and chemically. Limitting the anxiety and pain management in this patient is very important in the pre operative setting to prevent excessive sympathetic response. Regional anesthesia is a safe choice wherever possible. Observation must be continued up to 24 hours post surgery as thyroid storm may still happen post operatively.



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Ryalino, C. (2018). Anestesi regional dalam pembedahan darurat non-tiroid pada pasien dengan tirotoksikosis. Medicina, 49(3).




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