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Turner syndrome (TS), a disorder of female is characterized by the absence of all or part of second sex chromosome. TS is associated with amount of potensial abnormalities in many organ systems. Important to recognize a classical case of TS and its management. A 16 year old girl who was reffered with delay puberty, short stature and hearing loss. She had prepubertal pattern genital development, no distribution of axilary and pubic hair, high arch palatum, low posterior hair line, low set ears and short neck. Laboratory examination showed high consentration of lutein and follicular stimulating hormon, and low consentration of estradiol, with the karyotyping (45,XO). We planed to give growth hormone but it wasn’t covered by insurance. Low ethinylestradiol started with gradually increament and after 6 month therapy, she had minimal pubic hair and breast development, 0,5 cm height increment and got grommet insertion to treat the hearing loss. Recognizing TS in many organ systems was important to make a proper management.



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