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Fracture healing in traumatic brain injury patient faster than normal, one of the factor because the role of leptin hormone, which produced by adipose tissue. Despite many attempt to establish the mechanism involved where by head injury influence osteogenesis at distant site, the relation remain poorly understood. In long bone fracture associated with traumatic brain injury patient, had more active osteogenesis because of leptin, that’s why the researcher want to research the difference of leptin in traumatic head injury and traumatic head injury with concomitant long bone fracture. This Cross-sectional research using consecutive sampling method to the patient which treated at Sanglah Public General Hospital. From total 42 samples, 28 patients (66,7%) are males and 14 patients (33,3%) are females. The mean of ages is 35,38 (+13,41) years old. Samples are divided into 2 groups, Group A (head injury) and group B (head injury with long bone fracture), each group consist of 21 patients. The difference between two groups of Traumatic head injury is not significant (p=0.074). The mean of Leptin serum level in group A is 234,4 (+ 9,33) pg/mL and in group B is 252,6 (+ 20,64) pg/mL. Independent t-test result is shown that the result is significantly different with p value = 0,001. Result from this research show that there is an increased serum Leptin level on patient group with head injury and long bone fracture this match the theory that higher level of leptin in long bone fracture contribute with the head injury.





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Permana, E. (2018). Perbedaan Kadar Leptin pada Pasien Cedera Kepala Tanpa Patah Tulang Panjang dan Pasien Cedera Kepala dengan Patah Tulang Panjang. Medicina, 49(2).




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