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The function of sleep is very important and vital. Disruption in sleep latency, duration, effectiveness and satisfaction of sleep is a sign of a person experiencing insomnia. Military personnel in the Health Headquarters of Military Regional  (Makesdam) IX / Udayana has the duty burden, both physical and psychological that quite a lot, which is also prone to insomnia. Effect of  chronic insomnia can interfere with quality of life, performance and social function. It is important to study the correlation between insomnia on military personnel with their quality of life. Our study purpose is to obtain  insomnia correlation with quality of life of military personnel in the Makesdam IX/Udayana. This study is a cross-sectional design. Subject taken by consecutive sampling. Insomnia was measured with a KSPBJ Insomnia Rating Scale questionnaire, and quality of life were measured by 36-Item shortform (SF-36) questionnaire. Correlation between Insomnia with the quality of life using Spearman's test. Statistical analysis using SPSS 20.0 for windows. Result of this study involved 130 subjects, consisting of 110 men (84.6%) and 20 women (15.4%), with a mean age of 41.35±8.138 years. Insomnia as many as 55 (42%) with the distribution of 48 males (87%) and 7 women (13%). Insomnia negatively weakly correlated with quality of life  impairment in the dimension of mental health (r = -0.379) shown in the domain limitations due to emotional problems (r = -0.310), energy/vitality (r = -0.372), and mental well-being (r = -0.368), with p < 0.001.There is no correlation between insomnia with  quality of life impairment in the dimensions of physical health  (p = 0.244). Conclusions in this study, insomnia correlated with the quality of life impairment  in mental health dimension.





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