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Leukocoria is a term to describe the clinical findings of a white pupil reflex, pupil can appear normal on the bright room but shows absence of red reflex on ophthalmoscope examination. Leukocoria can be caused by anomalies in the retinal or refractive media opacities along the visual axis. Leukocoria in the age group of children that must be detected and treated. This writing was intended to get an overview of leucocoria in children from ophthalmology department Pediatric Ophthalmology division of Sanglah Hospital Denpasar. This research was an observational cross sectional study. Data were collected retrospectively without control by recording the characteristics and patient examination data under < 13 years old at Sanglah Hospital. Data on the characteristics of the subjects were analyzed descriptively. Caregorical scale data were described in the form of frequency and percentage while numerical scale data presented in the form of mean and standard deviation. The subjects included 28 children. The majority of patients were male (57.1%), with average age of 38.64±39.86 months and are mostly from Denpasar (21.4%). Unilateral leukocoria has the greatest proportion (53.6%). Diagnosis causing leukocoria mostly were congenital cataracts (39.3%), which unilaterally was the most common in the left eye (18.2%). Diagnosis of retinoblastoma was the second largest cause (17.9%), and unilaterally the most common was the left eye (40%). Retinopathy of prematurity was the smallest cause of leukocoria (7.1). Result of this study emphasize the importance of leukocoria as clinical signs of a disease with a significant visual impact.











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